The Birdhouse Project On Demand & Cardboard Birdhouse Kit with Bluebook


The Birdhouse Project is the first project-based healing tool of its kind. It was built around the belief that growth is most evident when people experience, reflect on that experience, and act in more beneficial ways because of their examined experience.

The Birdhouse Project is a reflective, tangible tool of self-discovery that can be used to identify the areas of life, grief or crisis that are not working for you. These realizations will help you make sense of the difficult circumstances surrounding your experience and help you find a direction for moving forward.

This package includes an upgrade to the cardboard birdhouse. Once you are done rebuilding, put this birdhouse outside to complete the metaphor, watching new life come from your struggles.

This package also includes the blue birdhouse book. In it Kris tells his story of moving past the death of his teenage son, Blake and shares the steps he took rebuilding his life after tragedy.

Grief Videos - On Demand

Our collection of on-demand video allow instant streaming of our professionally produced video set at a much lower price point then our DVD copies.

Upon purchase of this on-demand video you will have:

  • Ability to stream the video from on your computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Thirty (30) days to watch the video on

 *Video on demand products are not downloadable files. You must have an internet connection to stream and view them on your device.