Believe In Angels Large Wing Necklace

SKU: Stempunkbelievneck

Wear Your Angel's Wing For Everyone to See. Keep their Spirit Close and Spark Their Memory.The Large Angel Wing Birthstone Necklace by HEAVENSBOOK ANGELS™ is to be worn by anyone who has an Angel in Heaven. The wing upon your heart symbolizes the infinite love you share with your Angel. 

A beautiful sympathy gift for anyone who is struggling with the loss of a loved one. Perfect for funerals, birthdays, angelversaries, holidays, remembrance functions, fundraising, or any heartfelt gesture. 

Each Necklace arrives individually gift wrapped inside a sheer organza bag containing the descriptive Heavensbook Angels Card and a complimentary large Angel feather. 


20 in silver necklace   

1.5 inch steam punk silver angel wing

Believe charm 

All items are nickel free