The Best Of Paul Alexander

Music for Grief Support, Memorial Music, Children's Grief, Griefsong

 This CD features all original songs by Paul Alexander,LCSW   including When All Is Said, Ray of Hope, Who Am I Now, One More Time, Love Is All  We Need, I Am One Voice, Always There, Angel of God, Can I Say Goodbye , Song For America, This Old House, and  Pennies From Heaven.  Featured at many  TCF conferences and World Gathering on Bereavement among others these songs reflect the musical balm that Paul has offered in his works.

These songs were  inspired by Paul’s first years in hospice and bereavement work  where   he worked as a social worker in a Children’s Hospice and have continued to be requested solos in Pauls’ concert programs. They are often used in support groups and personal reflection.  Following the loss of his mom and the after  work of selling the childhood home, his personal grief journey is reflected in Pennies  From Heaven as well as in This Old House.  Song for America has been used at  numerous memorials for those who died on   September 11th, 2001.    His earlier works of Ray of Hope, Who Am I Now, Can I Say Goodbye, have set the tone for many support groups as well as  gained him merit as an ASCAP songwriter.