Color Your Soul Whole

SKU: 978-1944328245
Soothe Your Soul by Coloring in This Lovely Work of Art

This enchanting coloring journal by artist & author Sunshine Purcell offers expressive writing and coloring for anyone with sorrow in their heart. The 76 original and thought-provoking illustrations provide a soothing outlet no matter your age. Give yourself permission to choose soft, calming shades or dark, bold ones to help release the emotions swirling around in your heart. The combination of chromotherapy, repetitive motion, and self-expression soothes raw nerves by allowing you to switch off thought patterns and focus only on the task at hand—coloring. People young and old can tap into the benefits of expressive coloring by getting out the pens and pencils every day.

We welcome volume purchases, particularly by grief groups and churches. For purchases of 10 copies or more, please contact for a specific rate.