The Eternal Frame

SKU: DCR-001

"The First Memorial Photo Frame With Flip Down Votive Holder"                                                                                                                                                                                                                    The Eternal Frame is an elegant, brushed metal memorial picture frame that honors a lost loved one, such as a family member, friend or pet. The Eternal Frame holds an 8 x 10 photo; has a high grade acrylic glazing (same as museums use for expensive paintings); features a flip down led votive candle holder; and comes with a 2" led votive candle.Honors your loved one with the words "Always Remembered, Forever Loved". The Eternal Frame can be placed on a tabletop, shelf or hung on a wall. The loss of a loved one is always the most heartbreaking experience we will ever face in life. A picture of a lost loved one is too important to put in a standard, impersonal photo frame. You can keep their memory and spirit alive with the Eternal Frame. The Eternal Frame is a beautiful tribute to the dearly departed. Just turn on the votive candle and allow the warm, soft glow to light up the picture of your loved one; and you will be filled with a sense of peace and joy knowing that their spirit and memory lives on.                                                     


Note: Never clean acrylic glazing with abrasive cleansers, abrasive pads, or gritty cloths. We recommend you use Brillianize acrylic cleaner polish and a lint free, microfiber smooth towel.