Fused Glass Cremation Keepsakes

SKU: AG-001
cremation glass jewelry

Imagine your loved ones ashes fused forever into a beautiful piece of glass!

When my son Luke died I knew I needed to keep him close to my heart. I envisioned his ashes fused into a beautiful piece of glass. I researched and began to teach myself the art of fusing glass. The peace and healing that I experienced working with glass and his ashes was incredible, I knew then that I needed to share this peace with others who have lost a loved one.

Choose the size, colors and shape of your piece. The photos are samples of color combinations and shapes. If there is something more specific you would like please let me know and I will design a piece for you.

Each piece is custom made to order according to your needs or choose from any of the designs that are pictured, select the picture and hover over it for a better description.

Prices: $175.00 standard size 1 inch x 1/2 inch

            $225.00 larger size- 2 inches x 1 inch

We will contact you and arrange for secure shipping of your ash, as each is custom made they will vary slightly from the pictured image.

Available in the USA.