Getting Through What You Can't Get Over- Autographed by Author

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Getting Through What You Can't Get Over

There are some things we'll never get over -- no matter how much we wish we could change our circumstances. But we can get through, to a place where pain-filled people can learn to laugh again. 

Grief comes wrapped in many unwanted packages. Abuse. Betrayal. Financial Crisis. Illness. Debilitating Injury. And death. Whether spurred by trauma or tragedy, a sudden event or an extended season, there are patterns to the mourning process. You may not be physically around other people, but I promise, you are not alone. 

Whether you are wrestling with depression, panic attacks, chronic anxiety, PTSD, or unresolved grief, there is hope. If taking things one day at a time feels overwhelming, take heart, there are things you can do to help you get through the next moment, when it's all you can handle. 

The valley of grief is dark, but you can reach a place of light, by putting one intentional foot in front of the other. Honor your loved ones, give their lives more meaning, by allowing a greater purpose to come through your deep pain. 

Each chapter of Getting Through What You Can't Get Over tells a true story, and speaks to an emotional, relational, mental, financial, or physical grief. An Insider Insights section at the end of each, offers bullet point tips to help you get through the tough moments. Enhancing the inspirational aspects of this book, are categories on Emotional Healing, Practical Help, Spiritual Comfort, finishing with a Guided Prayer. Read the whole book, or focus on a chapter you need -- either way, the content is written from the perspective of those who know grief firsthand.