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Grief Diaries: Grieving for the Living

Grief Diaries

When a relationship is filled with challenges, comes to an end, or fails to fulfill our dreams, we embark on a fragile journey that tests our fears, our future, and even our own sense of self. The intensity of our emotions in the swirling aftermath can sometimes bring more questions than answers. Why is our relationship so challenging? How can love end so suddenly? Will I ever feel happy again? What do I fear? How do I survive? 

Part of the award-winning Grief Diaries series featuring true stories about real-life experiences, this book is a portable support group for people who face the same journey. Filled with answers to poignant questions, each writer invites readers into their world and surrounds them with warmth, comfort, and compassion, as they seek comfort and understanding as they grieve for a living, loved one.

"CAPTIVATING . . . Grieving for the Living is an inside look at the secret feelings we all experience as we navigate fragile relationships. The narrations are captivating, and will surely resonate deep within the hearts of those who face similar challenges." -DEANA L. MARTIN, Certified Grief Coach, Author, & Vice President of Cry for Me, No More "I

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