Grief Diaries: Hello from Heaven

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Grief Diaries

Grief Diaries creator Lynda Cheldelin Fell dreamed of her daughter’s death two years before it happened. When the nightmare came true in 2009, she watched her deceased grandmother guide her daughter safely to heaven. Despite the shock of her tragic loss, Lynda’s experience brought tremendous comfort to her broken heart. But her incident is far from unique. Bonnie’s deceased father smiled and winked at her before disappearing behind a building. Mary saw her deceased mother’s eyes in the face of a stranger. The morning after Sharon released a single balloon in memory of her former fiancé, she woke to a voice in her ear saying, “I got my balloon.” Christine’s dead in-laws appeared in her bedroom, and stayed for an hour.

Part of the award-winning Grief Diaries series, Hello From Heaven explores the true stories of 20 people who have all experienced the phenomenon known as after-death communication. In addition to the fascinating accounts, readers are treated to an in-depth look at each writer’s beliefs both before and after, forcing even the most steadfast skeptic to entertain the possibility that there is more to life—and death— than meets the eye. See all titles in the award-winning series at