"Griefprints - A Practical Guide For Supporting A Grieving Person"

"Griefprints - A Practical Guide For Supporting A Grieving Person"

Radha Stern is no stranger to grief. In 1996 her twenty-two-year-old son, Christopher, was murdered, and she started down the long road of healing and coming to terms with her loss.

While Stern believes that “closure” is a myth, she is living proof that you can gain solace, acceptance, and the strength to reclaim your life even after the most tragic loss. Stern found support from others who had walked the same path, and she quickly realized that everyone grieves differently. “Grief is like fingerprints; everyone grieves in their own way,” she says.

Still, one thing that remains constant is that support from family and friends can nurture the healing process, and make the journey less painful. But so few of us know what to do and say in the face of grief. We agonize about saying the “right” thing and then second guess ourselves no matter what we say, struggle to find ways to be of practical help, and worry that our attempts at being supportive are starting feel like intrusions. 

In her book, Stern offers straightforward advice and suggestions for helping and supporting a loved one. 

Also available as ebook.