Hope Is Strong

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Inspirational Art

This picture is a print of Marji STevens' original art.  It is 8.5x11 inches.  This product is printed on heavy paper and will come in stiff packaging for safe delivery.  This print is NOT matted.


I've grown to understand that hope is as fragile as the wings of a butterfly.  It can be easily bruised by the fingerprints of bitterness and self-pity. But when nurtured with determination, and the faith to thrive, those same wings can lift you high over any ocean filled with obstacles.

When grief after the loss of my husband threatened to strangle me, I'd run to the swing on my farmhouse porch.  It still is my special place to pray, cry, let go, and remember.

I hope this drawing will bring you true comfort and . . . Hope! 

Blessings . . . Marji