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Messages of Love-Bare Heart Buddy

Messages of Love-Bare Heart Buddy

Fill Bare Heart Buddy's pouch full of love by placing special messages, keepsakes and mementos to help you remember that you and your loved one are forever connected by love.


Bare Heart Buddy is a soft, 9 inch plush teddy bear with a special pouch in back designed to hold messages of love, photographs and mementos to keep children forever connected to their loved one who has passed away.


  • Bare Heart Buddy comes with an instructional booklet to help children work through their grief, a heart-shaped notepad and marker.
  • This sweet teddy bear will actively engage children in the healing process as they express their feelings through writing letters and drawing pictures.
  • A comforting keepsake that children can hold, hug, snuggle with and even talk to so that they can remain forever connected to their loved one.
  • Bare Heart Buddy helps to remind children that even though their loved one has passed away, they will never stop loving them.


Bare Heart Buddy is not just a teddy is a memory keepsake, friend, and therapeutic tool that helps children work through their grief and provides a lasting connection to their loved one.


Bare Heart Buddy is appropriate for all ages. Do not place small items inside Bare Heart's pouch.

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