More Songs From The Journey - downloadable version

More Songs From The Journey

More Songs From The Journey

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“If you would have told me that within seven years of suffering the biggest heartbreak life can deal, I would record three CD’s of original songs about the journey of grief and loss, I would have thought you were crazy.  Yet, here I am in 2008 releasing my third CD about this journey we travel.              

Each song represents a different perspective along this path.  Many songs on this CD were inspired by the loss of my 31 year old nephew Shane Daniel Pedersen in November of 2006.  Walking that first year of mourning with my brother Howard and my sister-in-law Pam has reminded me of what those early days were like for me after losing Ashley.

On the other hand there is much hope in my life, which was the catalyst for songs like Celebrate the Children, a reflection of my belief in how dynamic our angel children are.  The loss of a child has moved so many of us to become better people, to reach out to others and to find true meaning in our lives.  Songs like Fairy Tale and Something You Go Through come from my own realization that grief really is something that becomes part of who we are… yet it can make us stronger.

Ashley is part of everything I say and do.  My hope is that she is proud of me today in how I live my life.  I often have to stop and count the blessings that come from this work I do.  So many beautiful friendships have been formed, the opportunity to live my passion of writing songs and sharing this music with so many of you who understand my story.  I can’t help but feel that my angel Ashley has opened up these doors for me. 

This CD is dedicated to the celebration of all of our children… they truly are amazing.  I hope this music blesses you and takes you to that sacred place where you can remember all the beauty and wonder that was and still is… your child.”


Alan, Ashley’s Dad

Songs included on this CD:

Fairy Tale                  
Something You Go Through      
Let The Rain Come Down
Don’t Mind Me
Worn Out Cliché’s 
Celebrate The Children
Celebrate The Children (Instrumental)