Mourningcross Pins

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In many of our cultures and societies of years past, when a death occurred we outwardly displayed our mourning. Many would wear a black armband, diamonds in sleeves and women wore black for a period of time, some for several years. As a result of their own personal experience, a family of three sisters and their mother are reviving this lost tradition in a contemporary way. 

The Mourning cross/circle bereavement pins when worn, is to distinguish immediate family members of the deceased to visitors who are attending a wake or funeral. 

After the ceremonies and as time passes, the Bereavement Pins worn by survivors provide the opportunity to “tell the story” of the life lived.  Its unique design and unspoken message will provoke conversations of what the Pin signifies…

The elegant pins, which also serve as treasured keepsakes, are offered in either black or white enamel in the shape of a cross or, as a non-denominational option, a circle.  Both have a center image of a dove in flight and are presented on a card with the expressive poem, “It's My Time,” by poet Jacky Newcomb.The cross and circle bereavement pins are black stainless steel with a dove motif at the centre and are presented on a black card with a poem entitled “It’s My Time” by Jacky Newcomb printed on the back of the card.

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