Peace In The Mourning

Peace In The Mourning - Alan Pedersen

Peace In The Mourning - CD

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"After being a bereaved father for 9 years I feel the need to write the story of where I am today as well as share some songs that were inspired by the thousands of bereaved folks I have had the privilege of meeting at over 700 events I have played across the U. S. and Canada.

I want to share with you what motivated me to write each song.

“Thanks For The Little While” is about our gratitude for the time we had with our beautiful angels.  These words that my dear friend Darcie Sims often says were waiting to be put into a song.

“One More Lullaby” I wanted to write this song years ago but couldn’t emotionally go “there”.  A few months ago a woman told me how she missed singing to her son each night.  I tried to put those feelings into words.  This is one of the hardest songs I’ve recorded.  I was choked up and could barely sing the words.

“Somewhere” is my interpretation of how we feel as bereaved families when we hear of the death of a child of any age somewhere.

“It’s My Life” was written after meeting a 90 year old man who recently lost his wife of 68 years.  He told me “all he could do each day was visit his wife’s grave and talk to her”.  He said “It’s my life, Alan”.  I wrote this song to honor all of us who have conversations with a stone or an urn.

“Peace in the Mourning” is my tribute to the gospel hymns I grew up with, but also my testimony about where I am today and what I feel about my grief journey. 

“Olivia’s Song” My dear friend, Mitch Carmody was blessed to have a grandchild born on the 24th anniversary of the day his precious son Kelly died.  He and his wife Barb wanted me to write a song for Olivia’s baptism. I told Mitch to write down his feelings about Olivia.  His words said “the circle is complete” and “my tears returned as raindrops” the rest was easy.  This song is a tribute to the miracles God can do.

“Someday” is my favorite song on the CD. It’s my perception of balancing grief and faith.

“Stop And Smell The Flowers” Losing Ashley changed how I look at life and gave me a new set of priorities.  I now appreciate life and value each and every day.

“Elephant in the Room” Most of us use this saying to describe how people won’t talk about our loss.  Someone challenged me to put this saying into a song. 


Alan, Ashley’s Dad


Songs included on this CD:

Thanks For The Little While
One More Lullaby
It’s My Life
Peace In The Mourning
Olivia’s Song
Stop And Smell The Flowers
The Elephant In The  Room