Dog Paw Halo Necklace

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Keep Your Pet Angels Close & Their Memory Alive. A perfect gift to bring comfort to those who have lost a beloved pet. 

Wear your Pet's Halo for everyone to see. Keep their spirit close and spark their memory.  The Pet Angels Necklace by HEAVENSBOOK ANGELS™ is to be worn by anyone with a beloved Pet in Heaven. The open Halo upon your heart has no beginning and no end symbolizing the infinite love you share with your Pet.

Each Pet Angels Necklace arrives individually gift wrapped inside a sheer organza bag containing the descriptive Heavensbook Angels Card and a complimentary large white Angel feather.
*HALO Charm - 22mm wide Silver plated HALO engraved "HEAVENSBOOK ANGELS" 
*13mm silver plated paw print charm
*18in stainless steel chain