Rejoice in the Moment - Photoword Print of art by Marji Stevens

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Miracle of the Moment

This photoword art will come printed on 8.5 x11 heavy paper.  It will be packaged in cardboard for safe mailing.  


Even in the worst season of life, we can rejoice in the miracle of the moment.  

My Scarlet, the rescue cat, spends a lot of time on the window sill. When I first brought her home, she sat there longing for the time when she could go outside.  The storm blustering against the window suggests she has a while to wait.

Winters can be challenging for those of us suffering loss. February and March, in Upstate New York, feels like spring will never come, but it always does.  I also wondered if my "winter" of grief would go on forever . . . but it didn't.  

It's been seven years since my husband died.  I thought, in the beginning, that I would never get through . . . but I did.  Scarlet, the rescue cat, helped me to keep looking towards the horizon for that glimmer of "spring".  I'll always remember, and feel sad at times, but I'm definitely in a new, happier season.