Sad about Sammy, a family resource for children experiencing sibling loss and grief

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Sad about Sammy Book Cover

Newly grief-stricken parents shoulder an overwhelming task – finding words to ease their surviving children into the reality of a sibling death. Sad about Sammy is a first response book designed to assist families. It offers read-aloud text and engaging, colorful illustrations for young children coupled with helpful parent information geared toward navigating delicate matters of sibling grief. The dual-sided approach to telling the story allows for two completely different, yet parallel experiences to happen side by side, parent and child.  

Written with the compassionate voice of a mother who also suffered the devastation of losing a child; jointly authored with the expertise of a Child Development Specialist, Sad about Sammy gives parents gentle and direct language to say what must be said.

This resource is a must have for grieving families and for the first responders who come into contact with them. Sad about Sammy illustrations and language are carefully developed to allow complete ambiguity with regard to cause of death, gender, race, age and religious preference. 

No other resource offers as much in one simple and beautiful package.