The Widow or Widower Next Door - Ebook edition

25 Widows & Widowers Answer 25 Questions About the Journey

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Most everyone knows that losing a mate to death is a painful experience. Those who have not had such a loss of someone very close, seldom realize the depth and breadth of that pain. As a result, in an effort to make the bereaved (or themselves) feel better, and to distance themselves from the event they say and do some outrageous and unthinking things. Others, possessing very tender hearts, say and do some of the kindest things imagineable. Most all of us who participated in writing this book found ourselves surprised by other people's reactions to our loss. 

The Widow or Widower Next Door is a collection of stories that reveal the unexpected reactions that occur. We prepare for school by attending Pre-K. We prepare to get our Driver's License by taking driving lessons. We got to pre-marital counseling before we wed. Nothing, but nothing prepares us for the loss of a spouse. We hope this book will get people thinking and preparing, and we hope that it will help them learn how to better help a friend or a neighbor with such a loss.