"The Widower's Journey - Helping Men Rebuild After Their Loss"

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The Widower's Journey - Helping Men Rebuild After Their Loss

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2.7 Million Widowers in Need - 40+ Contributing Widowers  - 15 Subject Matter Experts – 9 Years of Research & Writing -  1 Great Guide for Widowers

As a bank executive, Herb Knoll was known as a man who could get the job done. But when Knoll lost his wife to cancer he found few resources that could help him recover. The more he learned about the plight of widowers, from high suicide rates to physical and emotional problems, the more he became motivated to write a book with fellow widowers, for fellow widowers.

Knoll’s The Widower’s Journey, tackles tough questions and provides advice on many topics, including:

- how men can process grief
- keeping healthy during stressful times
- managing a career while coping with loss
- drawing strength from your faith
- reentering the dating world
- dealing with the issues that sex, dating, and marriage create
- parenting as a widower
- solving financial and legal problems
- preserving your late partner’s memory for yourself and family and friends

Knoll breaks down barriers that block men in their journeys to recovery. He encourages men to seek out the fellowship of other widowers, and he provides resources that men need to move forward.

Knoll identifies how society fails widowers, and spells out how institutions need to change so widowers can receive the support they deserve. The Widower's Journey offers advice that can assist the friends and family of a widower as they attempt to comfort him. Learning the lessons contained in The Widower's Journey is also beneficial to women who are dating a widower and who are eager to understand better what the widower has been through.