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Content Submission Guidelines

When someone we love has died many of us crave information; what do we do now? When is this going to get better? What can I do to help myself? Has anyone ever felt like I do? We want to know that we are not alone, we want to be given some hope that we can survive the pain and we want to know that we are normal. Who better than someone who has been on this journey to bring comfort and hope to the bereaved then those of us who have been there.

Thank you for your interest in submitting your work to The Grief Toolbox website.  Please review the following submission guidelines and contact us with any questions.

To submit content, click on either the submit an article or poem or submit artwork links found under the get involved menu item.

Acceptable submission include:

  • Full length articles (2000 words or under)
  • Shorter essays
  • Poems of any length
  • Topics can be (but are not limited to): 
  • Spousal loss
  • Child/grandchild loss
  • Parental loss
  • Sibling loss
  • Other relationships
  • Specifics to causes of death 
  • General bereavement 
  • Helping the bereaved

All submission should be:

  • Original works, if quoting someone else’s work please seek the appropriate permissions and correctly reference the work. 
  • Truthful, please make sure that all facts in the writings are true.

All submission should NOT :

  • Have been published elsewhere
  • Include offensive language
  • Include full names of people who are still living, without their permission
  • Self-promote or promote products. All accepted authors will be given an author bio page to include personal information.

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