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Ashley's Songbook

Ashley's Songbook

Ashley’s Songbook – A father’s journey through love and loss

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“Angels Are Forever, But Sometimes They Fly Away... 

Ashley Marie Pedersen, my beautiful 18 year old daughter was killed in an automobile accident August 15, 2001.  Part of me died that day as well.  Her spirit was infectious, her smile pure sunshine, her genius and passion for life were unique.   I miss her so much.  Learning to live, laugh, love and smile again has been the greatest challenge I have ever faced. 

Like other parents who have lost a child, I am not the same person I was before I got “the call”.   Losing a child challenges everything about who we are, what we believe and what really matters in life.  Thanks to tremendous grief counseling, my spiritual faith and the support of so many wonderful and compassionate friends and family, I have made the choice to honor Ashley’s life rather than focus on her death. 

I have learned that when you reach out to another who has suffered a similar loss, healing does begin.  Ashley left many gifts behind for me and with them comes the awesome responsibility of sharing these special gifts with the world.  Ashley’s Songbook is written in memory of her, a gift from the two of us given to all of you who have suffered great loss. 

This isn’t merely about Ashley and me; it is the story of all of us who lost our angels too soon.  It is said we are never as close to our child as when we grieve, I know this to be true.  Ashley’s passion was music and lyrics.  She was over my shoulder and in my heart as I wrote and recorded these songs.  My prayer is this music touches you in some way and takes you to that sacred place we all go to when we choose to remember”

Alan Pedersen, Ashley’s Dad   

Songs on this CD include:

  • Angels Are Forever
  • One More Yesterday
  • I Remember You
  • Hide-N-Seek
  • A  Long Hard Fall
  • A Talk With God
  • Where I Am
  • Stronger Than You Know
  • Guardian Angel
  • The Tattoo
  • Daddy Smile
  • Learning To Lean On Love


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