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BASS FISH- Cremation Urn Sculpture

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Bass Fish- Cremation Urn SculptureBass Fish- Cremation Urn Sculpture
Bass Fish- Cremation Urn Sculpture
Bass Fish Urn Detail
Bass Fish Urn Detail
Felted Back & Inurnment Hatch
Felted Back & Inurnment Hatch
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Choose Engraving - Name/Dates
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Scale Representation
Bass Fish - Cremation Urn
Bass Fish - Cremation Urn

This unique wall-mounted urn is one for the record books, and can situate nicely among other angler trophies in the home. It is ideal for the ultimate fisherman, sportsman or wildlife enthusiast. Completed with a metal-like finish, its sincere presentation will mark a life well lived, and carry on the “big fish” tale of your loved one

Free Hand Engraved Personalization Included-

• Wall-Mounted Unit
• 16”w x 7”h x 6.5”d
• 115 cubic inch capacity
• 3.2 lbs. approx. weight
• Free Name/Dates Engraving Included, placed on backside

Production Time with Engraving:  2-3 weeks

Engraving Details:
50 characters max- please select font # and add text for engraving in the notes during checkout.
We will contact you with proof image to confirm font style and spelling.

Our hands-on approach produces artisan quality sculptures that will vary slightly from piece to piece, some form or color variation will occur.

This urn sculpture is produced with an adequate opening concealed on the backside of the piece, and comes with accompanying closure hatch cut from the ceramic body. It is recommended to inurn the cremains by keeping them within the plastic bag provided by the crematory. In order to place the bag within the urn, it may be necessary to move the wire tie and tag toward the top of the bag and distribute the material so that it may fit through the opening. Another option: place a secondary plastic bag into the vessel and funnel material into it, twist and seal with wire tag. To permanently seal the vessel, simply affix a bead of permanent adhesive (such as E6000 or other silicone adhesive) to the edge of the closure hatch and set into place. To temporarily seal, use “sticky tack” removable putty.

This wall-mounted piece is constructed with a high-temperature wire hanger that is kiln-fired within the ceramic body. Use care when selecting a wall location. It is recommended that you provide an adequate sized (1-2”) screw driven into a wooden stud in the wall of your home. If the desired location for the urn is not convenient where a stud falls, then use a drywall hanger. Home improvement stores have drywall hangers with various weight ratings. We suggest using a minimum 20 lb. hanger. When utilizing the drywall hanger, carefully read the instructions provided by the manufacturer. We are not responsible for damage caused by failure to properly hang the vessel with the greatest of care.


Dimensions: 16”w x 7”h x 6.5”d

Capacity: 115 cubic inch 


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