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Bubbles for Poppo


After her grandfather's death, Jenny explores grief in a realistic and positive way. Through her journey to understand loss, Jenny learns that the love she shared with her Poppo is continuing to grow, even after his death. He will always be her Poppo, and that will never change!


Key Points

  • Answers questions for children about death, and how it changes their lives
  • Offers comfort and hope to children who have experienced a death
  • Shows children how to feel happiness after the death of a loved one
  • Models the importance of keeping our loved one close in our hearts - death does not end the relationship, it continues in a new way
  • Encourages children to create rituals that help them to remember
  • Helps children to move beyond grief to find happiness again

Bubbles for Poppo follows Jenny several months after Poppo’s death. In this fourth book of the POPPO Series, Jenny practices all the ways that her grandfather taught her to keep him close. She talks openly to her parents, and she learns that even though she cannot see or hear Poppo the way she used to before he died; he is still very much with her in her heart. Bubbles for Poppo shows us how to move on after the death of a loved one and to feel happiness again. This book is ideal for a child who needs comfort after the loss of a loved one.

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