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Chaos of the Heart


For Those Grieving the Loss of a Loved One To Suicide

This unique, award-winning CD sensitively captures the wide range of emotions experienced in the family and the church in the aftermath of a suicide. Chaos of the Heart offers the hope and assurance of a God who is big enough to handle our honesty when the pain feels unbearable. It also thoughtfully addresses the often-misrepresented issue of the afterlife for one who has taken their life.

Discussion Guide - Available Upgrade

Grieving a suicide is not something to be done alone.

With the loving support of family and friends, the compassionate understanding of other survivors, and professional help when needed, it is possible for a survivor to move through and beyond the grief to a place of healing, and to find hope and joy again. Chaos of the Heart discussion guide was written by suicide survivor, licensed grief counselor, and author Sue Foster (Finding Your Way after the Suicide of Someone You Love), with original artwork by Laura Denison.

The guide is made available as a download so that as many copies as are necessary can be printed by anyone facilitating a group without having to purchase multiple guides.

The Chaos of the Heart Discussion Guide is a six-week series designed to offer hope for the millions who have lost a loved one to suicide and for those families and friends wishing to be a part of the healing process. The Discussion Guide invites you into redemptive conversations with others about the devastating effects of a suicide on the body, soul, and spirit of those left behind.

The Discussion Guide sessions stay close to the content of the CD and are flexible and user friendly, offering three different levels of discussion questions.

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