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Coach Yourself Through Grief: Applying Coaching Principles To Your Grief Journey

Coach Yourself Through Grief

This is the physical book, if you are looking for the e-book go here

If a loved one has died, then you know how painful grief can be. The emotions can be overwhelming. Many feel like they are “going crazy!” Nothing helps walking the journey of grief more than having someone by your side.  But what if there is no one?  What happens when you wake up in the middle of the night and wonder how to cope? What do you do when you hear your loved one’s favorite song, and you break down and cry? How do you walk through your grief when instead of walking with you, others want you to “get over it?” This is when you need to coach yourself through your grief.

Read this book to learn coaching principles that will help you during the tough times of grief. 

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50 copies - $14.95 each

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