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Faith's Gift, Portraits of Hope 11x14

Additional Prints , Portraits of Hope 11x14 $110.00 Each
Add 8x10 to any larger print1 8x10, $55.ea 2 8x10, $50 ea 3 8x10, $45 ea 4 8x10, $40 ea 5 or more 8x10, $35.00 ea
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                11x 14 custom created work of art depicting your loved one in the arms of Jesus.

  We take an image of your loved one, sent to us via mail or email and create a one of a kind digital painting that will be a family heirloom for years to come.  The artist recreates the image of your loved one, placing them in the arms of Jesus.  This process takes up to eight hours of the artists time depending on what image she is working from. The portrait comes with a brush texture giving it the appearance of an actual painting. This portrait does not come with a frame, but will come with a low reslution copy suitable for email and screen saver.

Her is a testimonial from one of our clients

"Once the flowers die, the cards are put away and your friends don't call as much....this portrait is still here, reminding us that our son is OK"

Also available in Larger sizes


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