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The Grief Guidebook: Common Questions, Compassionate Answers, Practical Suggestions

The Grief Guidebook Cover
"The most comprehensive book on grief I’ve read. Well done!" – Dr. Craig Borchardt, President / CEO Hospice Brazos Valley
"Help! How do I do this?"
Loss strikes. Your heart is stunned. Your world is shaken. Someone special is missing.
Life will never be the same. You will never be the same.
Questions surface in your mind and heart. You try to make sense of it all. You struggle with overwhelming emotions and troubling thoughts. You tussle with what to do and when.
You need answers. You need compassionate, practical direction. You need a guide for this journey - a companion to walk with you through all the questions, wonderings, fears, and obstacles.
Welcome to The Grief Guidebook.

Multiple award-winning author, speaker, and grief specialist Gary Roe is a trusted voice in grief recovery who has been helping wounded, grieving hearts find hope and healing for more than three decades. Written with heartfelt compassion, this warm, easy-to-read, and practical book reads like a conversation with a close friend.
Gary says, "Over the past three decades, I've had the honor of walking with thousands of grieving hearts through the valley of loss. Along the way, I've been asked a multitude of questions about grief and grieving.
In this book, I've compiled and addressed more than 70 of the most common questions I've been asked.  Each chapter contains a question, a heartfelt response, and some suggestions for how to handle that issue.
The beauty of The Grief Guidebook is that you can read straight through or simply go to the question that's currently on your mind and heart. Consider this a reference manual for your grief process.
I hope you find The Grief Guidebook helpful, comforting, and healing. Please let me know what you think. Feel free to contact me anytime. I'm here to help, if I can."
You have questions. The Grief Guidebook has answers. Grab your copy today.

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