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Isaac and the Red Jumper by Amanda Seyderhelm


This book is aimed at 5-10 yrs who are bereaved. The story will be helpful to a child who has lost a friend, sibiling, parent or grandparent. It does not set a timeline at all--there is no mention of hours, months, days or years--but merely demonstrates that eventually, healing does take place.

Isaac and his Red Jumper, with its quirky characters so engagingly illustrated by Ann Scott, will reassure children that whatever they feel, they are not alone and that grief is a process which it is possible to emerge from and not a permanent state.

The underlying spiritual message about creativity and healing may also inspire children to find their own forms of artistic expression. This can be so valuable as we try to manage the difficult feelings that threaten to overwhelm us when we have lost someone we love.

For parents and other adults who are supporting bereaved children, Amanda’s story is a gentle and intuitive way to open up a dialogue about grief. The questions at the back of the book are particularly helpful, providing openings and prompts for those conversations that are so important, but often difficult to begin.


Issac is heartbroken when his best friend Freddie dies. His house freezes, and his red jumper turn grey with grief. Isaac's friends try to console him, and it's only after Isaac receives a special visit from Freddie that he understands love and friendship last forever, and are alive in spirit.


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