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"MUM MOMENTS - Journey Through Grief"

"Mum Moments - Journey Through Grief" PAPERBACK edition

If you have lost someone close then you know how it feels. Grief is hard.

You may feel totally alone in your feelings … it hurts … grief can be so overwhelming.

Judy Taylor lost her mother suddenly and found herself on a raw and confronting rollercoaster of emotions and feelings which completely took her by surprise.

She started writing a journal as a way to cope and found her honest, raw expression of feelings helped her ride those waves of grief. As she shared her journal with friends and colleagues she was touched that her words also had a profound healing affect on those dealing with the death of a loved one.

Perhaps Judy’s words can help you, too.


“Your book helped me through my darkest hours more than you will ever know. I mean it from my heart.”

"Wow so comforting. I couldn't put your book down…"

"After reading this, I guess I'm normal…”

"I can't tell you how much better I feel from reading your book, I hope it helps a lot more people…”

Also: Judy's 2nd book, 'HEARTSPACE - Letters To My Mother' is available. This chronicles the ongoing journey as Love and life continues and the relationship between a daughter and her mother grows.

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