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Recapturing the Joy ~ A Journal for Bereaved Parents

Recapturing the Joy ~ A Journal for Bereaved Parents

Recapturing the Joy ~ A Journal for Bereaved Parents is a 104 page, hard-cover, inside-coil bound educational resource designed for both grievers and non-grievers.

The book is based on the life experiences of the author, a bereaved parent, and serves as a catalytic starting point for the grief journey which has so many components, it is often difficult to know where to begin.  

For the grieving bereaved parent, each of the 10 lessons is comprised of 3 parts ~ the author's personal story around the particular topic, an opportunity to journal to the practical questions provided relative to the lesson topic, and a Pearl of Wisdom which is the thought the user can walk away with and implement into their life. Each lesson offers the opportunity for one to shift their perspective relative to the topic, allowing the reader to begin moving forward.

For the non-griever, it allows them to better understand the "new world" of the bereaved parent, and provides information that brings to them the opportunity to learn and have clarity relative to communicating with the griever and bridging the gap between the griever and the "outside world folks".

It is a non-subjective, non-intellectual, heart-to-heart resource written by one bereaved parent to others. This journal has been authored from a caring and compassionate place and provides an advocacy for those wishing to once again, experience a life of joy and happiness restoration. 

Recapturing the Joy ~ A Journal for Bereaved Parents has become a popular gift item over the years and provides a win-win for both the gifter and the recipient.

~ Deborah Anthony/Author

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