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Save the Teens: Preventing suicide, depression and addiction

Save the Teens

"Save the Teens: Preventing suicide, depression and addiction" was written after the author lost her only child to suicide. She researched all the topics that made her wonder why he would perform such a horrendous act; teen depression, mood disorders, methamphetamine, addictions, and suicide. After a year of research, she determined what she needed to do with her research; share it with other parents in hopes of saving their teens from a possible suicide via a book.

"Save the Teens" opens with the day Cameron (the author's son) ended his life. After this chapter, which was written straight from the heart, it continues into research and helpful information to help you save a teen.

The book is set up differently in that the left pages contain the author's son's writings and artwork as well memoir pertaining to the current chapter. The right hand pages are the research written in easy-to-understand language. Cameron's writings and artwork provide examples of a teen's possible depression. He was diagnosed with major depression and poly-substance abuse before his death.

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