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Scent of Memory Murano Glass Urns by Milan Studio

Please Select the finish that you would like
Please select Gold or Silver
Scent of memory silver with red topScent of memory silver with red top
Silver glass urn with red top
Scent of memory silver with white top
Silver glass urn with white top
Scent of memory gold with blue top
Gold glass urn with blue top
Scent of memory gold with pink top
Gold glass urn with pink top

Enjoy our stunning urns as a beautiful tribute, reminding us of the treasured memories of our beloved ones’ life.
Our urns, fully hand-made in Italy, come from the ancient tradition of Venetian glass, and they are manufactured according to a millenary tradition combined with the most precious and innovated materials. Every piece is made with hand-blown glass of Murano and insertion of precious gold, silver and bronze.
Our "Scent of Memory" collection has been designed by Italian renown artist Elisabetta Milan of Milan Studio.
These astonishing urns have precious insertions inside the glass consisting of silver chips or 24k gold leaf pieces. The hardwood lid is handmade using old techniques of gilding, silvering and patination.

Top is embellished with the touch of bright crystal combining contemporary design and glass-blower expertise, available in four exclusive colours (red, blue, white, pink).
Urns are available in gold and silver. Any combination is welcome.

Shipping included. Please allow 2-4 weeks for shipping.


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