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Share Their Life Memory Page

It is required to provide the individual's first name. Feel free to use a 'nick name'.
It is required to provide the individual's last name.
This will be used to create the URL of the memorial site. Example, Share their Life is, your memorial page will take on the url of (
Please provide the gender of the individual who this profile is being created.
Please provide the individual's date of birth.
Please provide the individuals date of passing.
Optionally provide the individual's birthplace.
Please provide where the individual lived.
Optionally provide the location the individual passed away.
Please provide your relationship to the deceased.
Share Their Life

The Share Their Life profile is a unique, meaningful and personal way to electronically record, save and share important memories of those we have lost. When you fill in the profile details it will automatically add the dates in a timeline, dividing it into decades, years, days, hours or minutes allowing for details, in words or pictures, to be added at desired intervals.

Each Share Their Life profile or page can be personalized based on themes and colors. Details to the profile can be added at any time by you or others who you give permission to, these memories, representing the most important moments of a loved one’s life, will be organized and preserved making them available to share with others.

A slideshow of the timeline is a beautiful way to view and share the story of their life. New stories and details can be added at any time. In addition there is an option of purchasing a printed hardbound book of the timeline once completed.

This is for one year - renewable yearly.

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