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We Do Remember You


  We Do Remember You is a children's book about children in Heaven reflecting together about the various ways their loved ones on earth remember them. Even though our memories of loved ones live in our hearts, those memories often need ways of expression that require DOING. With this book, the illustrator and I attempt to help you to envision some possible ways of DOING your grief through simple actions that could be called rituals. Rituals are usually thought of as formal activities that need a trained leader and public place, but I tend to think of rituals as being any thing that we do with intentionality in order to honor someone else. They can be simple or elaborate; personal or cooperative; carefully planned or virtually impromptu but they are always enacted with love and care. And I truly do believe that in these rituals of remembrance, as well as the rituals you create to remember your own loved one, our spirits touch the spirit of the one we love, but see no longer.

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