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In 2009 Bart Sumner’s life was shattered when his 10-year-old son, David, suffered a traumatic brain injury at football practice and died in his arms. Finding a way back to the road forward in a world where mourners are told “He’s in a better place” or to “Get over it” is a daunting and painful journey. He came to realize that the twenty-five plus years he spent as a performer and teacher of improvisational comedy was not only the key to his own survival, but also a powerful tool to help others mired in grief. Healing Improv: A Journey Through Grief to Laughter is an emotional and honest recounting of his family’s trek through grief to the founding of a nonprofit that provides no-cost Comedy Improv Grief Workshops for others suffering with loss. Mr. Sumner’s approach is unique in its application of improv comedy exercises to grief treatment. Healing Improv includes many of the improv games used at Healing Improv workshops so that others can also benefit from the curative, life affirming fun. Pairing these techniques with his family’s powerful and touching story of survival makes this book a strong ally to those who feel lost and alone after tragedy strikes, providing comfort and hope. 10% of author proceeds go to Healing Improv, a non-profit charity.

"An honest and powerful sharing of one man's journey through grief. Bart shares not only his love for his son David, but also the pain he felt as a father to his surviving daughter and wife.  Using his talent for humor he not only shares how he has found hope, but also offers exercises for others to use on their journey."
               - Glen Lord - The Grief Toolbox 


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