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Tomorrow Is Waiting-An Interactive Guide for Living with Grief - ebook

Tomorrow Is Waiting - An Interactive Guide for Living with Grief

Grief is a teacher of wisdom, a well of emotion.  Within its grip, a finely tuned instrument of sensitivity and perseverance.  Grief, a bitter medicine of truth.  Grief waits for no invitation.  Grief is an intruder leaving you feeling vulnerable and uncertain. 

Grief puts iron in your spine and melts your heart with compassion and empathy.  But the depth of grief is different for everyone.  The timing is yours.

Tomorrow Is Waiting shares the continuing change in my life since releasing "When Momma's Cry, The Darkside of Yearning; Grief after the Loss of a Child" in January 2012. 

After sharing my darkest moments in "When Momma's Cry", I thought that was the end of it, my health deteriorating and my life as I knew it over.  I was compelled now almost three years later that nothing was farther from the truth. 

I am stronger.  I am wiser.  I am a survivor. 

Tomorrow Is Waiting will challenge you to be stronger, wiser and encourage you to survive.


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