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Cross Cremation Jewelry Urn Pendant
To symbolize our untarnished redemption through Jesus, The Eternity Cross Urn Pendant is cast in tarnish resistant stainless steel. With a beautiful, highly polished finish, the Alpha and Omega symbols remind us that Jesus is the beginning and end of all things. The crown represents Jesus as the crown of our salvation. The Celtic rings symbolize Eternity and in the center of the cross is a Peace Dove that represents the regenerative work of the Holy Spirit. It is designed with a hollow chamber to hold a small portion of a loved one's ashes, dried crushed flowers from their memorial service or a small lock of hair and comes with a special screw so you have no need to mess with any type of glue or sticky adhesive that can potentially ruin the beautiful finish of your Memorial Urn Pendant!. On the back of the cross  pendant is the phrase Live On™ as a constant reminder that your loved one lives on and you will see them again!
Every Pendant comes with an 18" .925 Silver Chain. All the hardware and instructions needed to fill your pendant are also included with instructions.
Cross is 1" from tip to tip and 6mm thick.
                                   2Cor6:9 "...[we are] dying, yet we live on.."
**Note**This product only ships to the US

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